How does Strike compare?

Every estate agent works a little differently. There are different approaches, different values, and different fees (or in our case, no fee at all). We've looked at Strike vs Purplebricks and Yopa to help you find the right fit.
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The core service

There are some big overlaps between Strike, Purplebricks and Yopa. But there are some pretty important differences too.
Dedicated agent
Advert on Rightmove and Zoopla
For Sale board
Negotiation and sales progression
Online dashboard
Mortgage advice

*Prices range
by location

**Prices range
by location,
"no sale, no fee"
option will be higher

With Strike, we'll always sell your home for free. With Purplebricks and Yopa, you'll pay to list whether they sell your home or not, or with Yopa you can choose the "no sale, no fee" option, but that will cost you more in the long run.
Plus, with both Purplebricks and Yopa there are different prices for different areas, like whether you live inside of London or not. You also need to get in contact with Yopa to learn more about the "no sale, no fee" option – you can't find out how much it costs on their website.

The premium extras

Strike, Purplebricks and Yopa offer hosted viewings and premium listings, which are great ways to boost your sale. With Purplebricks, these are extras that you add on to the core service price – and with Strike, there is no core service price.
Strike's "Ultimate Package" gives you both hosted viewings and the premium listing, for a hefty discount – as well as a video trailer, for less than Yopa's premium service. If you want to just get hosted viewings from us or just get a premium listing, we offer both separately.
Hosted viewings
Premium listings
Video trailer

*Prices range
by location

**Prices range
by location,
"no sale, no fee"
option will be higher


Great service. We got it free but they did not let that reduce the efficiency. Sold quickly... the portal is easy to use and a great way to keep up to date."

Gordon Morris

Excellent, 10,000+ reviews



8,432 properties

went on the market,
1 every 60 mins



306 viewings

requested per day,
that's 1 every 5 mins



sold to date, that's
over 30,000 people

£3.2bn property

sold to date, that's
over 30,000 people



541,740 boxes

used to move our

[Based on 2019 data]

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