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5 great places to live in Sunderland

Looking to relocate? There are a lot of good reasons to call Sunderland home, from historic castles to some of the country's most exciting museums and galleries. Here are five great places to live in Sunderland.


Places to live in Sunderland

Sunderland has a lot to offer — there’s a reason it was voted the best city to work and live in in the UK. If you’re looking to move to Sunderland and not sure where to consider, here are some of the most popular residential areas to get you started. 

The Barnes and High Barnes

If you want to be close to the city centre but still embrace that family feel, High Barnes is definitely worth a look. It’s centrally located with a lot of amenities, but it still boasts strong schools. A great choice for young families or professionals who want to be near the buzz of a city but with a little more peace.


There are a lot of reasons why you might be drawn to living in Seaburn. There’s the fantastic sea-front location, the metro station with easy access to the city centre, not to mention the beautiful homes themselves.

It’s one of the most expensive areas of the city, but still very reasonable compared to other areas of the country. 

(Plus, you’ll never be too far from a proper fish and chip shop, which is a definite plus.)

Queen Alexandra Road

Queen Alexandra Road comes up a lot in the Sunderland property market, because this long road runs throughout the city and offers a range of options — it's also widely considered one of the most desirable home locations, so it's definitely worth a look. Some of the largest (and, frankly, grandest) homes in the city fall on this road, but there are also some smaller options. If you’re in the area, it’s worth taking a walk or a drive along to get a sense of what’s available.

Middle Herrington

Middle Herrington is a must-see for young and growing families. This area gives you easy access to Herrington Country Park, one of the loveliest parks in the city, which is especially popular for families, dog-walking, and cycling. It’s also used for open-air concerts and other events. 

If you’re an active bunch, this whole area is known for its walking and cycling trails — plus there’s an adventure playground for the kids. There is a mix of homes available that make it appealing to a large range of buyers, no matter where you are on the housing ladder.

Chester Road

If you want to be close to the heart of it all, Chester Road can take you there. This road runs right into the city centre, with great access to the University of Sunderland City Campus. With the option of quirky restaurants, museums, and shopping whenever you need it, Chester Road is a great choice. Plus, it’s got a nice mix of large houses, starter homes, and flats — so whether you’re a young professional or a new family, you can find the right fit.

Finding a new place to move to can be tough, but it helps to get to know an area as much as possible so you can feel out whether you're ready to call it home.

If you're looking for places to live in Sunderland, this is just the start — there are plenty more great options, so make sure to explore.