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At Strike, we love property just as much as you do. So here's our latest take on what's happening in the market and what it actually means for *you*.

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Your latest market update

Every month, we bring you the headlines that you can't miss — and what they really mean for you.

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We strike gold at the ESTAS — again

Strike is named estate agent of the year at the ESTAS awards, based exclusively on votes from existing customers.

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The latest interest rate update

The Bank of England held rates at the same level, meaning the base rate now sits at 5.25%.

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Your property newsfeed

Your latest property news, all in one place.

Your September market update

Interest rates, house prices, and more in your September market update.


Interest rates hold fast at 5.25%

Your August 2023 market update

Your August market update.

*Breaking News* Interest rate update

The Bank of England put rates up for the 14th time in a row — we'll talk you through it.

Your July 2023 market update

Mortgage crunches, interest rates, and more in your monthly market update.

Your June market update 2023

The interest rate rise, house prices, and more — we've got it all in your monthly update.

*Breaking News* Interest rate update

The Bank of England has increased rates for the 13th time in a row, so they now sit at 5%. Here's what that means for you and your mortgage.

Your May 2023 market update

100 percent mortgages — that don't require a guarantor, plus all the latest on house prices. Check it out in our monthly market update.

*Breaking News* Interest rate update

The Bank of England raises interest rates for the 12th consecutive time. We look at what that means for you.

Your April 2023 market update

The headlines are everywhere — and they're confusing. Are prices going up or down? Plus, some investment hubs that are bucking the trend.

Your March 2023 market update

What the interest rate rise means for the housing market, what's going on with prices, and whether spring is really the right time of year to sell. We'll break it down for you.

*Breaking News* Spring budget

The spring budget has been revealed — with big changes to childcare, pensions, and more. Take a look at what it means for you.

*Breaking News* Interest rate rise

At its meeting ending on 22 March 2023, the MPC voted by a majority of 7–2 to increase Bank Rate by 0.25 percentage points — meaning the current base rate is now 4.25%

Your February 2023 market update

From (another) new housing minister and whether they'll tackle the housing deficit — all the way through the latest trends in the property market, we've got you covered.

Your January 2023 Market Update

Starting the new year out with interest rate rises and the latest on house prices.

Your December 2022 Market Update

Are interest rates going up *again*? And what will happen with the market over the holidays? We've got you covered in our December market update.

Your November 2022 Market Update

Demand is falling and those in the home counties may be feeling the pinch — but some good news for borrowers. We've got it all in your November market update.

Your October 2022 Market Update

In a month of economic chaos, U-turns, sackings and resignations, we’re here to bring some clarity and calm. Read more in your October update.

Everything is Impossible: October Edition

We love a disruptive moment and this month we’re looking at a turning point in both technology and feminism: the invention of the washing machine.

Your September 2022 market update

Inflation, interest rates, and the big changes to stamp duty — we've got it all in your September Market Update.

Everything is Impossible: September Edition

A historic gold medal and a barefoot run, we have it all on this month's edition — celebrating Abebe Bikila.

Your August 2022 market update

Was it the stamp duty holiday driving prices? What does the drop in transactions really mean? We've got it all in your August market update.

Everything is Impossible: August edition

How did a MacBook predecessor and a famous Terminator quote become part of the most famous email of all time?

Your July 2022 Market Update

Is the market cooling off? What do government shifts mean for the market? We've got it all in your July update.

Everything is Impossible: July edition

Long before you carried an entire music library on your phone, one simple device changed portable music forever. We bring you, the Sony Walkman.

Your June 2022 Market Update

A new scheme for buyers — and signs of a slowing market? We've got it all in your June market update.

Everything is Impossible: June edition

Before you streamed podcasts or downloaded music onto iTunes, there was one disruptive idea that changed everything. This month, we look at Napster.

Everything is Impossible: May edition

This month, we look at one of the most disruptive moments — and greatest physical feats — in gymnastics history. Here's to Simone Biles.

Everything is Impossible: April edition

From a trip to see elephants to 2 billion logged-in users visiting each month, this month we're looking at the anniversary of Youtube.

Everything is Impossible: March edition

A weekend project, a "Fail Whale", and a bidding auction over an NFT — we've got it all in this month's Everything is Impossible series.

Everything is Impossible: February edition

Where did the Instagram aesthetic come from? And what founder was like "visiting a shrine" for Steve Jobs? This month, we look at the Polaroid.

Everything is Impossible: January edition

What "vague but exciting" idea took over the world? This month, we look into the world wide web.

Everything is Impossible: November 2022 edition

A secret warm up exercise and a game too popular to function — we look at how Pong changed the landscape of video games.

Everything is Impossible: October 2022 edition

How a failed internet kiosk and a mechanical wheel led to one little device that would change music — and Apple — forever.

Everything is Impossible: September 2022 edition

Before Netflix, before streaming, two engineers working in secret discovered the key to home entertainment.

Strike is Nationwide

Strike already helps customers sell their home for free everywhere in England, but now we have agents in London and everywhere around the country — we're officially nationwide!

Strike expands to the Midlands

We already help customers sell their home for free everywhere in England, but as Strike continues to expand you can now get in-person valuations throughout the Midlands.

Housesimple is now Strike

CEO, Sam Mitchell explains why Housesimple has changed its name to Strike and what it means for its 6,000+ existing customers.