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"Faultless service & great customer experience. I'm recommending them to
everyone I know."

Lynn Chan, Jan 2020

"Excellent service,
fabulous contact.
You know what's happening all
along the journey of your
house sale or purchase."

Tony Hassall

"The future in selling
houses ... Best experience of an estate agent I've
ever had."

Thomas Curran

Latest news from Strike

At Strike, we love property just as much as you do, here's our latest take on what's happening at Strike and in the UK property market.

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Housesimple is now Strike

CEO, Sam Mitchell explains why Housesimple has changed its name to Strike, what else has changed and what it means for its customers and the future of estate agency.

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TL;DR - today's top reads

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Strike puts agents on the ground in the Midlands

Expansion into the Midlands and a new campaign? It feels different when you sell your home for free.

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What does the new budget mean for home buyers?

The latest budget has some big wins for home buyers, with the Stamp Duty Holiday extension and 5% mortgages, but not everyone may make the deadline. Here's what it means for you.

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We strike gold at the ESTAS

Strike is named estate agent of the year at the ESTAS awards, based exclusively on votes from existing customers.

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Stamp duty holiday ending and more in your September update

The end of the stamp duty holiday and transactions leap — we've got it all in your September market update.

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Everything is impossible until it's not: September edition

Before Netflix, before streaming, two engineers working in secret discovered the key to home entertainment.

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Your August market update from Strike

Was it the stamp duty holiday driving prices? What does the drop in transactions really mean? We've got it all in your August market update.

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Everything is impossible until it's not: August edition

In this month's Everything is Impossible series, we look at how a $100,000 check changed the way we search forever.

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Your June market update: Deadlines & delays, but no slowing

The end of the stamp duty holiday looms and Help to Buy hiccups, but the market is still strong.

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What the pandemic has really changed for home sellers

We break down what's changed (and what hasn't) for sellers, so you know what you can expect.

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Your May market update

Price increases, stamp duty holiday demand, and falling rents — we talk you through this month's headlines.

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Your April update: New Help to Buy and 5% deposits launch

What are the changes to the Help to Buy? Why are we hearing about 5% deposits *again*? Strike is here with your April market update.

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The most affordable places to live in the UK

What's the most affordable place in the UK? There are a lot of lists out there, but we help you make the right choice for you.

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Selling a house in a slow market

How do you sell your home in a slow market? We've got three key insights to help you stand out from the crowd.

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Why won't my house sell?

Feel like your house won't sell? You've got some options.

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The most varied property price on your street

We’ve found the roads with the biggest property price variation in different cities across the UK. Does your street make the list?

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Will the stamp duty holiday be extended?

Will the stamp duty holiday be extended? When does it end? We talk you through what we know so far.

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What happens when my mortgage holiday ends?

Millions of people took out mortgage holidays — so what happens now that they're ending?

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What is Generation Buy?

The Prime Minister says he plans to turn Generation Rent into Generation Buy — but what does it mean for you?

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Catchment areas: moving home for a good school?

What catchment area are you in? Can you move to be near a better school? We've got you covered.

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How much deposit do I need for a mortgage?

Is a 10% deposit enough? How much deposit do I need to secure a mortgage? We've got your back.

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5 tips for going zero waste at home

It's Zero Waste Week — and we could live our lives a little greener. We've got some easy tips for going zero waste at home.

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When there are two offers made on the same house

Two offers made on the same house? We'll show you how to deal with multiple offers on the same house.

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Are house prices going up? We explain the current market.

Are house prices going up? Is the economy going down? We've got you covered.

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Easy ways to fix up your garden

Tricks to make your garden look its best — without breaking the bank.

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Homes you can buy without paying any stamp duty

During the stamp duty holiday, you may not pay a penny in stamp duty.

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Great places to live in Sunderland

Looking to move? Here are five great reasons not to miss Sunderland.

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How to sell your house fast

A quick house sale can be a priority — here's how you can get there.

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Easy ways to increase your property value

You can bump up the value of your property with small jobs.

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The best places to buy in Yorkshire

Many areas of Yorkshire are booming with no signs of stopping.

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How to spot an up and coming area

How to spot an up-and-coming property location primed for growth.

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Top 5 selling points to emphasise to buyers

Not every buyer is looking for the same thing — here's how to maximize your home's appeal.

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The four best UK cities for green space

We find the cities that have the most to offer nature lovers.

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How to get your home ready for a viewing in two hours

Some top tips to have your home looking its very best in no time.

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8 questions to ask your estate agent

Asking the right questions to find the right estate agent for you.

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What to do if your property devalues

What to do if your valuation is lower than you expected.

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Cheapest & Best Way to Sell a House

There's an alternative to high-cost, high-effort property selling.

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The most affordable areas in Yorkshire

Where you can find the best deals and most luxurious properties.

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5 key selling points for your property listing

97% of buyers now search online — so make your listing count.

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Pricing your property in Manchester

Manchester's property market is booming at the moment.

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What to do when you’ve got multiple offers

Congrats - a bidding war! Here's how to play it best.

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Eco homes in the UK

Eco-friendly houses are good for your wallet and the environment.

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Property influencers you should follow right now

You can find a wealth of amazing property resources on social media.

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What's a property valuation?

Everything you need to know about home valuations.

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What the UK wastes on estate agents - Estate Agent Fees 2020

How much does the UK waste on estate agent fees? Find out how much people across the UK pay to estate agents when buying a house.

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Stamp duty holiday

What is the stamp duty holiday? Here's what it means for you.

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