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Your moving checklist

Moving house? Feeling overwhelmed? Our packing checklist breaks down everything you need to know about moving home — and our handy PDF will help ensure that nothing gets left behind.

Preparing to move

Ready to move home? With so much focus on finding your dream home (not to mention getting through the buying process), it's easy to forget about the moving itself. But with packing your home, a little preparation can go a long way. Getting organised ahead of schedule can help take the stress out of the actual moving, so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Our Moving Services team is here with free advice to help make your move a breeze. That's why we've created a moving checklist, to help make sure that you stay ahead of the curve. We'll talk you through the entire process in this guide, but you can also download our moving checklist. And remember, we're here to help with anything you might need — from moving quotes to mail forwarding to saving you money on your utilities — and we'll do it for free.

Ready to think about packing? Let's get started.

Before you move

There are a few things to think about in the lead-up to moving. Getting a head start and arranging movers and cleaning in advance can save you from any last-minute rushing around.

  • Decide on your completion date: If you're looking to move in on your completion date, we recommend avoiding Fridays or bank holidays, so you can grab a better deal.  

  • Get a few quotes for removals: Compare available rates to get the best price.

  • Arrange for someone to look after your children or pets for the day: Obviously not a must, but trust us — it helps.

  • Hire professional cleaners: You may want someone to take care of cleaning your old home when you move out, but you also may want someone to clean out your new home before you move in.

Most of these steps can be done weeks in advance, so you can book everything in and relax. Remember, Strike Moving Services can help with quotes for removals, cleaning, and more.

Leaving your old home

Once you're ready to go, it's time to make sure you don't forget anything at your old home (and we're not just talking about odd socks). There are a few things you can do to help your move run more smoothly — and welcome the new owners into your old home.

  • Keep a box of "essentials" close at hand: We'd recommend a separate box with a kettle, tea bags, and mugs so you can enjoy a cuppa at your new home. And maybe some biscuits. Definitely, maybe some biscuits.

  • Write out a fact file for the new owners: Leaving necessary information is a nice touch. Include instruction leaflets and service information for the heating system and appliances you’re leaving, and you can add details of rubbish collection, milk deliveries, recycling schemes, and anything else that might be useful. 

  • Collect all the keys to your home: That set you left with the neighbours? With the nanny? Time to collect them all and give them to your solicitor or estate agent.

  • Organise mail forwarding: Worried about missing bills? You can redirect your mail to any UK or overseas address for up to 3, 6 or 12 months from just £29.99 — just talk to the post office.

  • Cancel milk and newspapers if you have them delivered: Or just have them updated to your new address.

And if you have any questions — from survey issues to utilities to finding a locksmith — we're here to help."

Moving into your new home

Congratulations! You've finally gotten the keys and into your new home. We know — all you want to do is put your feet up and relax. Or maybe order a takeaway and collapse. But there are a few things you should check in your new home.

  • Check you have everything you should: Make sure that all items included in the sale are there — especially carpets, curtains and any white goods. If anything is missing, make sure to contact your solicitor.

  • Check the building: If you notice any serious faults in the building that were missed in the original survey, alert your surveyor immediately.

  • Check all of the important utilities: That normally means the phone, security alarm, smoke alarm, electricity, gas, central heating and water.

  • Read your meters: Read the gas, water and electricity meters — and we'd always take a photo, especially if you're changing suppliers.

  • Consider the locks: Some people like to get the locks changed in a new property, especially as the previous owner may have given out spare keys.

Now you can relax. Find that box with the kettle and mugs and make yourself a cup of tea. You've earned it. And if you have any questions — from survey issues to utilities to finding a locksmith — we're here to help.

Don't forget to update

You're all moved in — so the hard work is over. While you're settling in, don't forget to let people know that you've moved. That can be everyone from your voter registration to your bank to friends and family. Some of these you may have already taken care of during the moving process, but it never hurts to double-check.

  • Your GP: If you're in a completely new area you may need to find a new GP, but you'll at least need to update your address.

  • Voting register: This is important, not just for voting but for your credit rating.

  • Telephone and internet service providers: You may have already updated them, but if you didn't do it before you moved it's time to let them know.

  • TV licensing: Your TV licence doesn’t automatically move with you — so you could end up being unlicensed in your new home, even if you paid for a licence at your old address. Fines run up to £1,000, so make sure you’re covered.

  • Bank, building society, pension provider: And don't forget any companies you have loans or investments with.

  • Credit card company: Important to update — and make sure not to forget any store cards you might have.

  • HMRC, Inland Revenue: You never want to mess with HMRC.

  • Local council: If you're moving between councils, make sure to update your old one and your new one for council tax and voting.

  • Employers: They'll need to update your records.

  • Schools: Make sure to update any schools if you have children.

  • DVLA: It's actually a legal requirement to update the DVLA and renew your driving licence and vehicle registration document.

  • Friends, family and colleagues: We all love a little snail mail from our nearest and dearest, so if you're expecting any holiday cards or wedding invites make sure to let people know you've moved.

They say moving is stressful for a reason — there's a lot to keep track of. We can't promise to make the process completely stress-free, but we can tell you that with a little planning (and maybe a little help from us) you can make sure your move is as smooth as possible. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.