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Property influencers you should follow right now

Love it or hate it, social media has a huge hold on most of our lives. And if you’re someone who likes a casual scroll of Instagram, then you can actually stumble on a wealth of amazing property resources.


5 top property influencers

Instagram — and other social media platforms — are full of some beautiful images of cosy homes and stunning architecture. From genuine DIY property tips to aspirational homes for you to lust after, there’s definitely something out there for you — if you know which accounts to follow. Some of Instagram’s most popular influencers and accounts are all about the property. If you need some great property inspiration — or just want to imagine what you would do with a 45-room villa — here are some of the accounts you should know about.


Fredrik Eklund

One of the estate agents from America’s Million Dollar Listing, Eklund has worked with some of the biggest celebrities out there — here’s looking at you, 50 Cent. A quick scroll down shows you some of the most breathtaking New York penthouses and skylines that you can imagine. With a booming business and a hit reality show, there are sure to be more of these posts to come. If you’re loving the New York touch, follow his co-star Ryan Serhant for even more Big Apple beauty.


Andrew Jevin

Jevin, a Santa Monica-based estate agent, is a perfect example of the direction real estate is heading. He uses Snapchat and Instagram stories alongside traditional open houses to sell his properties. He’s tapping into a very interesting market. And of course, you get to see some great new listings and open houses, from the comfort of your home.


Bonnie Rakhit

Bonnie Rakhit may be more of a travelling queen than a property mogul, but you can be sure that the destinations that she hits are full of some of the most jaw-dropping resorts and architecture on the planet. Start dreaming about your next holiday — or holiday home — and get green with envy while tracking her adventures. Plus, you might just get some Pinterest-worthy inspiration about how to give your bathroom that spa feeling we’re all looking for.


Property Brothers

If you love your property with a bit of DIY, then the Property Brothers might be right up your street. Two brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, help couples find fixer-uppers and turn them into something truly stunning. Expect beautiful property pics — along with the work that went into making them happen — and a little bit of brotherly love.


Lance Tuazon

If you want to combine the worlds of estate agency and design, Lance Tuazon is your go-to. His photos will help galvanize you toward your next DIY project, upgrade, or search for a new home. But really, it’s the photos themselves that are the draw — his properties are unforgettable.


Bonus Account: World Of Interiors

World Of Interiors might not be an influencer in the traditional sense, but the Instagram of this popular magazine has a cult following for a reason. Stunning colours, design tips, bold prints, and so much more — it’s property inspiration at its best. Plus, you'll feel more cultured just by looking at it.

Social media is a blessing and a curse, but use it correctly and it’s a wealth of inspiration. If you’re a DIY-enthusiast or a luxury property stalker, there’s something out there for you. 

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