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Hosted viewings fair use policy

Everything you need to know about Strike's Hosted Viewings

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Fair Use Policy for Hosted Viewings


  • Our Fair Use Policy caps the number of viewings at 20 (most people use around 40% of their viewings).

  • This pack includes viewings and a key safe installation. You can use our service if you need someone at the properties for things like surveys or assessors, but this does cost extra — just ask our team and they can talk you through this.

  • This package lasts up to 6 months from purchase and is non-refundable.

  • If you need us to collect the keys before the first viewing, just let us know and we’ll happily come to meet you within a 3-mile radius of the property. (You can also post them!)

  • You can request your keys back at any time — they’re your keys, after all.

  • If the property has a concierge service please let them know that we’ll require access. We’ll let you know all confirmed viewing times and the name of the representative.

  • If your property is occupied, you’ll need to let them know about viewings. If re-arrangements are made at any time, we’ll reach out to the tenants to let them know — just give us their contact details.

Fitting a key safe:

This will be installed on the wall of the property and have a 4-digit code set. Once installed, the code will be passed over to you in order for you to place a spare set of keys within the safe. This method means we can rely on several of our viewing agents to host appointments so the availability is fantastic. Please note, key safes can take up to 5 working days to install. If you have an existing key safe, we can use this to gain access, just let us know the code and location

Key holder service details:

We also offer a key holder service, however, it requires an extra fee of £55. This is less preferable as we have to rely on only one agent's availability and can result in additional costs for hosting surveyors later on in the sale process.  

Should you wish to use the key holding option, additional appointments, such as surveyors and EPC assessors, are not included. We’ll be happy to help with any of those appointments with our “Sit and Wait” service, charged at an hourly rate:

1 Hour - £48

2 Hours - £78

3 hours - £96

4 Hours - £114

5 Hours - £126

6 Hours - £138

Viewber charge for these appointments hourly as surveyors are unable to provide an exact time of arrival or how long the appointment will take. They will usually provide a booking slot, for example, 8am - 12pm, or 1pm - 4pm. Rather oversee these appointments yourself? That’s easy — we’ll just pass over the surveyor's details and reference number.

Booking in viewings:

With our hosted viewings package, you don’t have to worry about a thing. When viewing requests start coming in, you’ll get a notification for your information — but you don’t have to do anything. Our team will be taking care of it for you and we’ll always consult you about booking times. (And we’ll always make sure you have 24 hours’ notice.)