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3 Bed Houses for Sale in Liverpool

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There are plenty of family-oriented towns around Liverpool like Crosby, Aigburth and Hightown, all brimming with 3 bed houses for sale. If you're looking for something more central, why not explore some more contemporary new builds, like in the trendy Baltic Triangle district.



There are plenty of family-oriented towns around Liverpool like Crosby, Aigburth and Hightown, all brimming with 3 bed houses for sale. If you're looking for something more central, why not explore some more contemporary new builds, like in the trendy Baltic Triangle district.

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3 bed properties make wonderful family homes or offer a great opportunity to buy and rent. 3 beds come in lots of forms: from maisonettes, to detached, terraced or cottages. They're great for a growing family, or if you're looking to buy and let (as the demand for 3 beds is always high). There's a big student population in Liverpool, making rental a sensible pursuit.

Liverpool waterfront
Some families choose to live centrally in Liverpool, with larger houses, more expensive houses available in areas like Sefton Park. Kensington is a more affordable option for family homes too. Alternatively, families may prefer to live in a suburb of the city (of which there are lots!) Allerton and Aigburth are just south of the city and their community feel, low crime rates and great schools makes it very appealing to families. Mossley Hill is also just 4 miles from the city and has excellent schools and green areas. Woolton is a chocolate-box village which attracts lots of visitors for its picturesque feel.
3 beds tend to work for families and the terraced 3 bed houses in Liverpool are particularly family friendly. 3 beds are also good for growing families because they often offer an option to extend, which can be much cheaper than buying a 4 bed property. 3 beds are also a sensible option for those looking for buy-to-let properties, due to the demand from students. Areas like Kensington and Wavertree are quite student friendly areas, so buying there is a good idea for investors.
Yes, it's possible to buy a 3 bed property fairly centrally in Liverpool. Though you may get more bang for your buck in one of Liverpool's greener suburbs, central living is an option. There are some new developments which offer 3 bed apartments; these are very slick and modern with lots of attractive amenities like gyms and a concierge. Your options may be more limited in the very centre (around L1) but there are certainly some options in Toxteth. The Georgian Quarter also has lots of 3 bed and larger properties which all feature gorgeous original features.
Liverpool has more suburbs perfect for commuters than you can shake a stick at. If you work in town, or merely want to stay close to the centre for the galleries, restaurants, theatres or football team, there's a myriad of options for you. Mossley Hill, Aigburth, Allerton, Woolton, Gateacre and West Derby are all good options for commuters. For those wanting to be near the sea, Crosby and Formby offer you the opportunity to have a dip in the morning and be at work by 9.
There are no exact figures on this, but the average 3 bedroom house in Liverpool seems to sit at around £200k. This is around £80k less than the national average.
3 bedroom houses make great investments in Liverpool for a few reasons. Though the housing market is currently fairly unpredictable, Liverpool has historically been a great investment as houses are more affordable than other equivalent areas of the UK. The increasing popularity means you're likely to turn a profit. Secondly, 3 bedroom houses often have the opportunity to extend (because of the space the 3 bedrooms afford you), which can add a huge amount of value to the property. Buying a 3 bed house is much cheaper than a 4 bed, so this could be a great money maker for you. Thirdly, Liverpool has low sales prices but high demand from renters, meaning rent is comparatively high. There is a constant flow of students looking for housing, which means you are almost guaranteed an income on a buy-to-let flat suitable for student living.
Liverpool has a variety of price points, but some less developed suburbs are the cheapest option if you're focusing primarily on affordability. The cheapest postcode (according to was Stockbridge Village where the average house sells for £45,000.
3 bed houses are certainly good rental opportunities, either as individual rooms or as full houses. The flow of students in Liverpool is very consistent, and 3 bed houses could be optimal student size. However, there are a lot of things to consider before buying a property to let it out - it's not super straightforward. Firstly, the market right now means you'll need to have a good sized deposit if you're not a cash buyer; you will also need to research buy-to-let specific mortgages. Secondly, if this is your second home it's worth remembering that since 2016 landlords have to pay income tax on the entire earnings of their property, regardless of interest payments on their mortgage. In short, there are lots of rules, regulations and legislations to think about before diving into a buy-to-let situation. On a more positive note, Liverpool generally has low house prices and high rent, which is a great place to start!

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