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Whether the red brick converted warehouses around the Albert Docks appeal to you, or you're more suited to the purpose built, slick apartments in the Baltic triangle or down by the Wirral waterfront, there are plenty of chic apartments for sale in Liverpool.



Whether the red brick converted warehouses around the Albert Docks appeal to you, or you're more suited to the purpose built, slick apartments in the Baltic triangle or down by the Wirral waterfront, there are plenty of chic apartments for sale in Liverpool.

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Liverpool has great apartments, whatever your budget. A lot of the new builds have guaranteed buy to let yields, and with the property market in Liverpool showing consistent growth over the last few years and multi-billion pound city-wide regeneration projects, this is an exciting place to buy an apartment as an investment.

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Generally “apartment” is a term more often used in America, but it's more commonly used in the UK nowadays to describe a property that is generally on one floor (or it may be several within the same apartment), it tends to be modern or even a new build, it may come with certain perks like a front desk or concierge, a gym or pool, a car park and other amenities. When we say apartment we usually think of a modern, slickly designed space. The aim of apartment living is to maximise an easy lifestyle.
There has been billions of pounds put into the development of Liverpool in the last few years, and consequently there are lots of new apartment buildings. There are lots of new, swish apartments available around the Albert Docks or near the Wirral waterfront. There are a wide array of styles, from more basic up to more snazzy apartments like ones in The Cargo. Some are ready to move into now, some have good guaranteed buy-to-let yields and some are still being built and can be purchased “off plan” (i.e. before it's physically ready, just based on plans).
There has been over £20 billion worth of development in Liverpool (and that's just before 2020) and many areas of the city have had exciting regeneration. There are several reasons why. Firstly, the docks closing in the 1980s meant the city was no longer a big player in the shipping scene, which led to a decline in jobs and prospects, leading to the city becoming more dilapidated with crime surging. Since then the city has had numerous waves of regeneration, and it is now a bustling city with a rich cultural heritage that attracts lots of tourists each year. The docks have been a large focus for regeneration over the years, with the Albert Dock in particular undergoing lots of exciting makeovers.
Moving into an apartment in Liverpool could suit lots of people. Apartment living is great for those who want an easy, comfortable life. Amenities like a concierge and gym (common with lots of apartment complexes) means the lifestyle is good for people who are travelling a lot, or using the apartment as somewhere to stay whilst they're working in the city. It's also good for older people and retirees, due to apartments often meeting access requirements due to the modern lifts and lateral style of living. Families and couples may like the neutral, modern style which tends to be fairly low maintenance, though you often don't get a lot of outdoor space (perhaps just a balcony) so it's not suitable for a family looking for a garden. There are lots of newly built apartments in Liverpool, which means you can expect a high quality of living, without having to worry about inheriting an old boiler or dodgy pipes or thin walls when you buy a property.
Yes, apartments are good for buy-to-let opportunities, and some come with guaranteed buy-to-let yields which makes everything smoother and your income more predictable. Students, business people and young couples are all groups who may be interested in renting out your apartment. It may be easier to be a landlord in an apartment as well, because you will probably inherit fewer infrastructural issues (e.g. a broken or old boiler or heating system and broken bathroom or kitchen fixtures etc) because of the high spec expected in apartment blocks. The apartments may also come with a handyman service, meaning you won't have to organise for an external company to visit the property should something go wrong.
Yes; due to the multi-million pound regeneration of the city in the last few years, there are lots of apartments being built all over Liverpool. There are thousands of apartments near the northern part of the docks, for example, which are surrounded by luxury shopping opportunities and other perks. Buying somewhere “off plan” means you may not get to see the apartment before you buy it, but you usually will see a model apartment and detailed drawings of what you can expect. Some pros include an “off plan” discount, plus if the property goes up in value during the building work you still benefit from the lower price you paid initially.
Some exciting areas rich in apartments including all around the docks, the Wirral Waterfront, central Liverpool (L1) like Crosshall Street, Sefton Park and many others. There are also lots of apartments specifically to rent out for students, so they tend to be in more student-focused areas around the city.

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