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Want to get your foot on the property ladder without breaking the bank? Here are all the cheap properties currently listed with Strike. You can change the location and price range of houses using the search filters above.

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Want to get your foot on the property ladder without breaking the bank? Here are all the cheap properties currently listed with Strike. You can change the location and price range of houses using the search filters above.

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to get out of the rental scene or you’ve been around the block a few times, there are plenty of property options out there that don’t need to cost the world. Whether it’s a studio apartment in a modern block, or a 2 bed by the sea - we can help you to find the perfect affordable home.

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The cheapest houses in 2022 in the UK (for the second year in a row) is the North East railway town of Shildon in County Durham, which offers a very affordable average house price of £71,000. Some other very affordable areas include Copeland, Ayrshire and other towns within County Durham, like Ferryhill and Peterlee.

You can purchase an abandoned house in the UK, but it might not be as straightforward as writing a cheque and arranging movers. Firstly, you can claim ownership as a squatter of an abandoned house, if you can prove that you’ve been occupying the property full time for at least 10 years. For more information on squatters’ rights, check out the government’s website.

Buying an abandoned property is different from moving in as a squatter. To buy an abandoned house, you’ll firstly have to find out who owns it. First, try looking on the Land Registry. Local authorities should know who owns the property, which you can request. A great way of buying an empty house is at auction, so it’s worth checking them out. There are even specialist auction websites just for abandoned properties.

If you’re looking for a genuinely cool, metropolitan and lively city that is still affordable, you could try Liverpool. Liverpool is 41% cheaper than London, and prices have been on the rise, so it’s a good investment too!

County Durham is also one of the cheapest counties to live in, with close proximity to very beautiful towns and cities. Ayrshire is a historic area, famous for its natural beauty AND cheap houses.

Absolutely, lots of people buy and flip houses to make money. A good way to guarantee added value would be to buy a house in a poor condition that is in a great location. That way you can flip the house (whether it’s major renovations like moving stairs, changing flooring or redoing the roof, or more minor tweaks like painting it, adding new kitchen cabinets or giving the bathroom a spruce) and know the demand will still be there. Another thing you could do is buy a property in an area that is up and coming, and watch it accrue value as the area becomes more popular.
Whilst it varies according to area, the cheapest type of property is usually a flat, followed by a terraced house. Terraced houses started to be built in the 17th century in Europe, particularly in areas where they were trying to house a lot of people in a small space. They are characterised by being in a row, with shared walls on both sides. They are generally cheaper than semi detached or detached houses. According to Open Property, the average price for a flat in the UK in 2022 is £223,401, and the average terraced property is £226,211.
According to research by Halifax, the cheapest city in the UK is Londonderry, followed by Carlisle in Cumbria and then Bradford. In contrast some of the most expensive cities include London (of course), Winchester, Oxford, Bristol and Manchester.
Properties in the countryside tend to be cheaper to buy. There are exceptions to the rule, as some cities in the UK are particularly affordable - like Bradford, or Liverpool for example. On average though, you’ll get more bang for your buck in rural areas. This is largely due to the space available - you’re more likely to get a garden, a driveway, room for extension and other plus points when you’re out of the city. The cost of living is also reduced when you get out of cities.
The cheapest county in the UK to buy a house is County Durham, where the average price for a house is £154,573, and some towns average house value equalling to about 1 couple’s yearly salary (as opposed to about 4 times a couple’s salary, which is the average for the rest of the UK). Shildon in County Durham is the cheapest town to buy in, with properties averaging at £71,000.
County Durham is renowned for its beautiful countryside. The North Pennines area, for example, is an area of ‘outstanding natural beauty’. County Durham also includes lots of the cheapest areas to buy a property in the UK.
If you’ve always fantasised about having a big house, there are some areas of the UK where that dream might be closer than you think. Whereas areas like the suburbs of London and Manchester, and around the Cotswolds are sky high for big houses, you might try somewhere like Burnley in Lancashire, where it’s £87 per sq ft. For a comparison, Kensington £1,328 per sq ft!

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