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There's ample opportunity for lateral living with many flats for sale in Liverpool. Whether it's in a modern complex near the dock, or part of a terraced house in the more student-centric area Wavertree, it's not hard to find a place to call home.



There's ample opportunity for lateral living with many flats for sale in Liverpool. Whether it's in a modern complex near the dock, or part of a terraced house in the more student-centric area Wavertree, it's not hard to find a place to call home.

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Flats are great options for small families, couples and those with access needs due to their often accessible and lateral nature. Buying a flat for sale in Liverpool can also be a sensible investment, due to the large renting population.

Liverpool waterfront
Liverpool is so varied, with flats all over the city centre and beyond. The city underwent over £20 Billion of development before 2020, meaning there are lots of newly built flats surrounded by shops, restaurants and job opportunities; these developments include Liverpool Watera, down by the docks, Woodside Waterfront and lots of areas within the Wirral. Lots of these flats have guaranteed buy-to-let yields, making it easier to start the letting process. Other popular areas to buy a flat include Sefton Park, The Baltic Triangle, Kensington and Edge Hill.
Yes, Liverpool is a wonderful place to buy and rent out a property. This is because sales are low compared to the national average, whilst rent remains high. There is always a demand for flats, particularly amongst students. There are also lots of new build flats with guaranteed buy-to-let yields.
Thanks to the multi-billion pound development schemes ongoing in Liverpool, there have been lots of new homes built within apartment blocks. There are lots of new developments particularly on the waterfront, by the Albert Docks or near the Wirral. There are a wide array of styles, from more basic up to more snazzy apartments like this one in The Cargo.
The property market in Liverpool has been very buoyant in recent years, but the removal of lots of affordable mortgage rates from the market has meant buying has gone down. It'll be interesting to see what the market does in the next few years, but it's safe to say that Liverpool has been one of the safest bets for property value increase, increasing more than the national average in the last 5 years, at a 33% increase according to the Land Registry.
Buying a property “off plan” means that you're buying your property before it has been completed, usually based on the plans. It may still be being constructed, or soon to be constructed.
Buying a property off plan may have some benefits; new build or newly renovated properties are generally designed to a high spec, with clean lines and a fresh, neutral aesthetic. They are designed for easy living, often having a front desk and other amenities like a shared gym or working area. The properties may also be more affordable, as you are buying them having never seen them. Liverpool is a good place to buy off plan because there has been lots of development around the city, so there's plenty to choose from. There is also a constant desire for flats, particularly in central areas, because of the large student population, so they're good buy-to-let opportunities.
Flats in central Liverpool continue to be affordable compared to other cities. There is plenty to do, due to the rich history and culture. The nightlife means that the city centre tends to be loud and bustling, so it may be worth visiting your flat on a weekend or evening to check that you're content with the sound levels. There is a lot of demand for rental flats in central Liverpool, meaning you could buy-to-let.
Liverpool is a lively, fun area for young people, with lots of things to do from football to theatre, shopping to art galleries (Tate Liverpool is one of the city's crowning glories). The city centre hots up on the weekend, so if you're thinking of buying a flat around one of the main drags, it's worth thinking about what it might be like when it's super packed. Generally, Liverpool and the surrounding towns are very affordable compared to the market average, and the mixture of urban hubbub, suburban bliss and rural landscapes means anyone can find something to tickle their fancy.
Young families might prefer an area outside of Liverpool's centre; to the south east of the city lie Allerton and Aigburth, which have a small-town feel with great schools and river walks. Mossley Hill is also just 4 miles from the city and has excellent schools and green areas. Crosby is also just a 20 minute train from the city centre and has impeccable beaches, famous for its Antony Gormley statues. For those looking for something more central, Sefton Park could be a good option.

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