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Houses for Sale in Liverpool L12

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Nestled in the north-east of Liverpool and steeped in the musical history of the Mersey Beat Scene, is the suburb of L12. From the chocolate box village of West Derby, to the more modern housing in Croxteth, you're sure to find something for sale in Liverpool L12 to tickle your fancy.



Nestled in the north-east of Liverpool and steeped in the musical history of the Mersey Beat Scene, is the suburb of L12. From the chocolate box village of West Derby, to the more modern housing in Croxteth, you're sure to find something for sale in Liverpool L12 to tickle your fancy.

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It's no wonder lots of TV shows have filmed in the L12 area, which is rich in architectural, musical and cultural history. It has a diverse array of housing types, and despite some areas feeling very rural, is still very close to the inner-city. The average house price in West Derby is £172,457, which is more than £100k less than the national average, indicating the terrific value for money in the area.

Liverpool waterfront
L12 in Liverpool includes West Derby and Croxteth, which are in the north-east of Liverpool.
L12 is considered a very nice area to live in Liverpool. West Derby is considered to be an affluent part of the city, whilst still being generally still affordable. Despite being very close to the inner city (around 20 minutes), West Derby has a distinctly village-y feel, which is particularly well suited to families - there are also lots of great schools. L12 also includes Croxteth Country Park, with an adventure playground, home farm and lots of secluded walks and cycle routes.
Yes, L12 is only around 20 minutes from Liverpool city centre, making it a perfect commuter area. There is also easy access to the M62, so travelling to Manchester is also easy.
As with all of Liverpool, there are lots of different types of properties in L12. L12 has a lot of mid-century semi-detached homes for sale currently, as well as more quaint cottages. Modern houses are also available in Everton's old training ground, Bellfield.
L12 is home to an array of types of people, of all ages. The high quality of schooling means people will often move to L12 for the education. In fact there are lots of attractive qualities for families, particularly Croxteth Park which has an adventure playground and home farm. People also choose to live in L12 if they want the best of both worlds: a village idyll just a stone's throw from the city centre. Many older people have lived in the villages of L12 for a long time because of the community atmosphere.
Yes L12 has a good array of schools, including St Mary's Church of England Primary School and St Edward's College, which has an excellent reputation. There are also several academies in the area, including West Derby School.
L12 is a good area for elderly people for several reasons. The style of houses are well-suited to retirees and elderly, particularly semi-detached properties which tend to be easy to heat, have good privacy and offer some outdoor space. West Derby village is very community-driven and cosy, making older people feel safe and comfortable. The West Derby Golf Club is also very popular with the older community.
Despite being only 15-20 minutes drive away from Liverpool City Centre, L12 feels very rural. There is a small-town feel, as well as plenty of green space, namely Croxteth Park which is 500 acres of land, surrounding the manor house Croxteth Hall.
L12 is already a fairly established area, with homes in this area being on average more expensive than somewhere like L14. So, in turns of returns, you may be better off investing in property somewhere less established. However, L12 is a consistently popular area, with many different types of people wanting to live in the area - so it's unlikely the desirability of the postcode will significantly decrease. On the whole, Liverpool is a good area to invest in because of the affordability compared to other similar cities. If you're planning to invest in a buy-to-let home, you may consider a property in a newer development like Bellfield. Whilst Liverpool tends to be a good destination for prospective buy-to-let investors because rent tends to be high and sales tend to be low (compared to the UK average), there isn't a student population in L12 compared to other postcodes, which may push rental demand and prices down.
Yep, West Derby is in the north of Liverpool. Though West Derby isn't in the city centre (don't move there and think you'll be living next to Pizza Express and Liverpool FC) it is still in Liverpool. Liverpool is in the county of Merseyside.
Yes! Young people definitely live in L12. It's not the most affordable place to live in Liverpool, so first time buyers with a more limited budget may prefer other postcodes. However young people can certainly be very happy living in L12 - there are lots of things to do for young adults from pubs and restaurants to long walks in Croxteth Park. There are also lots of excellent schools in L12, making a good destination for young families looking to lay down roots long term.

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