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The best time of year to sell a house UK

Looking for the best time to sell a house? Not sure if the market is booming at this time of year?


When it comes to finding the best time to sell a house you’ll find a lot of advice on what season — or even what month — is the best time to make a move. But we want you to be a little more thoughtful, and make sure you have the whole picture before you make your decision.

Although finding the best time of year to sell your house may seem tempting — and it may even be a savvy move in some cases — there are often bigger factors at play. So yes, we’ll cover what are normally the best times of year for the UK housing market, but the reality is more complicated. There are some years when the market is so hot — or so slow — that the time of year won’t make much of a difference. It may be that there’s development happening in your area, so the market in your neighbourhood looks different than the wider UK housing market. Or it might be that you need to move, so the time of year doesn’t matter as much as, say, the new job that you’re moving for or the baby on the way.

So while we always recommend educating yourself to make the best financial choice for you, it’s good to remember that for many of us, the time of year is only one of the considerations. Let’s take a look.

Is now a good time to sell a house in the UK?

There’s a lot of talk about the UK housing market and whether it’s currently the right time to sell a house — as we said, a lot of it will come down to you. The market has made moves up and down over the last few years, and it’s difficult to predict what will happen in the UK housing market 2023. (Seriously, if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the 2020s so far is that nothing is predictable.)

That being said, many think that higher borrowing rates mean prices may continue to slump a little through this year — though many have stopped forecasting the big crash that some predicted after the infamous 2022 mini-budget. So it may be a slightly slower market than we’ve seen recently, but buyer confidence does seem to be rebounding.

Many have stopped predicting the big crash that some predicted after the infamous 2022 mini-budget"

Is spring the best time of year to sell a house?

You may have heard that spring is the best time of year to sell a home — it’s popular wisdom, but there may be something backing it up. Lots of property statistics, including some pretty persuasive ones from Rightmove, show that spring has the most interest and the quickest sales. So if you’re thinking about listing and the cherry blossoms are coming out, you may be onto something.  Spring not the right time for you? That’s OK — it’s definitely not the only time of year when people are house hunting. Well, if you’re looking to sell your home quickly or find a good time to sell, the same data shows that autumn is actually the next best season to sell a home. As people return from summer holidays and back to the real world, many buyers seem to kick into gear — and something about the school term starting again gets people thinking about where they’re living (and maybe even the stress of catchment areas).

Summer, meanwhile, tends to be a slow time for exactly the reason you might think — everyone is on holiday, so the stress of moving is far from their minds. But again, if you think you need to sell in summer and the market seems to be humming along in your area, then it might be the right time for you. Remember, the big drivers of moving housing — death, birth, and divorce— are always happening, so they’ll always be somebody out there who needs to buy. If you can afford to wait until a booming market, great — but if not, you’ll probably be just fine.

Spring not the right time for you? That’s OK — it’s definitely not the only time of year when people are house hunting. "

What is the best month to sell a house?

As we said, spring is often the most popular month, but we can get even more specific. The HomeOwners' Alliance says March is the best month for selling a house quickly, so it may be that spring has a slight advantage if you’re looking to pounce.  But as we said, macro factors can matter a lot more than the time of year — spring in a slow housing market may be less appealing than, well, any month in a hot market. You need to take into consideration bigger factors — both in the economy generally and what’s going on in your specific area — to decide what’s right for you.

Although one fun tidbit is that, again and again, Boxing Day comes up as a day of heavy househunting traffic. But there are big caveats. Although there’s sometimes a New Year’s bounce, winter is often a slower season for the housing market. So those people browsing on Boxing Day may not be serious buyers, they may just be imagining themselves in a little cottage or dreaming of their next big move or just avoiding some family drama. (Quality Street can wreak havoc on our emotions, after all.)

Should I sell my house now?

That’s the big question — and one that only you can answer. You can look at the time of year, look at how long it’s taking properties in your area to sell, but really it will all come down to whether it’s the right time for you. Sometimes, it’s a no-brainer. You need to move, the market is hot, and buyers are lining up out the door for group viewings — go for it.

Other times, the market may be slow but you need to move — or you might realise you can wait around for the tide to turn. (And if you want a quick look at what your home might be worth right now, an instant online valuation can help.)  If you’re not sure, make sure to reach out to a few estate agents and get a lay of the land. That’s what we’re here for, after all.

Best time to sell a house FAQ

Great question. The agreed wisdom is spring — data from Rightmove and more tends to point in that direction — and, after that, fall seems to be the most popular time. Things tend to slow down over the summer and winter holidays but, that being said, sometimes the market is hot year-round and sometimes it’s quieter even in spring. Make sure you’re looking at the full picture, not just the time of year.