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How much do estate agents charge?


If you’re looking to sell your home, it helps to be aware of all of the possible costs that come up along the way — and that includes estate agent fees. In fact, you might find that estate agents charge a lot more than you expect. And if you go with a traditional agent, that can mean thousands and thousands of pounds.  But the truth is, the way estate agents charge in the UK has changed. While you still have plenty of estate agents charging commission, there are some newer options that only charge a flat, predictable fee. (Or there’s us, where you can sell your home for free — really, truly, free.)  But let’s start at the beginning: How much do estate agents charge in the UK? And why is it so darn expensive?

How much do UK estate agents charge in 2023?

OK, so how much do estate agents actually charge in the UK? 

Well, that partly depends if you’re talking about traditional estate agents or newer models. Traditional agents charge an average of 1.18%+VAT  — which works out to 1.42% including VAT. That means you’d be paying £4,260 to sell a £300,000 home. It’s also important to note that this cost is based on the actual sale price, not the listing price. 

And some agents may charge more — the range that traditional estate agents charge in the UK goes anywhere from 0.75% to 3%, plus VAT. Sometimes you can negotiate with them for a lower rate, especially if you have a more expensive home. We’ll tell you more about haggling in a minute.

How and when do estate agents charge?

That’s a good question. As we mentioned, traditional estate agents charge commission — a percentage of the sale price — and you only pay this after they sell your home. Some estate agents will ask for a flat fee, especially more modern online or hybrid agents, and they may ask to be paid upfront or upon completion (which is just a fancy legal way of saying when your home sells).

We’d always be a little wary of estate agents who ask for a lot upfront — and you should never pay anything for a valuation. In fact, let’s look at what you should expect if you’re paying a traditional estate agent.

What's included in an estate agent fee?

We think that you can get a lot more bang for your buck by selling your home for free — avoiding estate agent fees altogether and only paying for optional extras if you actually want them.  That being said, you may find that you want to go the traditional route. So what is that estate agent commission actually paying for? 

An estate agent fee should include: 

  • Valuation, to find the right selling price

  • Floorplans, photos, and a written description to create your listing

  • Marketing and advertising, including sites like Zoopla or Rightmove

  • Your “For Sale” board

  • Talking to potential buyers, arranging and hosting views

  • Taking offers from buyers, communicating with you, and negotiating on your behalf

  • Doing some of the admin, including helping you manage surveyors and solicitors

When you’re looking at traditional estate agents and how much they charge, it’s always worth checking the fine print to see what’s included. There are some hidden extras that some agents may try to charge you for — which is why we’ve put together a full estate agent fees guide, so you know what to look for. 

What's the difference between what's included with Strike vs traditional?

Great question. So a traditional agent normally (always read the fine print) includes everything we talked about above, from a listing, viewings, and negotiating offers — and you often pay a lot for the privilege. Strike offers everything you need to sell your home for free. That means we’ll put a listing up on Zoopla, we’ll handle the negotiations for you, and give you dedicated support throughout the process. We charge for optional extras — like premium listings, hosted viewings, and more — but you only pay if you want to use them. It’s a completely different business model, and we think it’s a fairer way to sell your home.

Can I sell my house privately without an estate agent?

Don’t like how much estate agents charge? It’s totally natural to wonder about selling privately — and that’s certainly an option. You won’t have to pay an estate agent fee, but you also may not have access to the same marketing platforms (and negotiating with family and friends can be… awkward.) 

We think it helps to have an expert on your side, while not getting bogged down in huge estate agent fees — that’s what Strike’s here for. 

That being said, it’s completely your choice. Like the private selling route? We’ve got an entire guide to help you get started.

Can you haggle estate agent fees?

Absolutely. Traditional estate agent fees are definitely up for debate — and they may initially quote a higher percentage, but you should always see if you can negotiate down. 

Not sure where to start? There are a few different options to help haggle estate agent fees: 

  • Always get quotes from multiple agents — then you can use the lower quotes to help counter the higher ones

  • Consider a sliding scale — where you offer a higher percentage if they get a higher price, a lower percentage if they get a lower price

  • If you have an expensive home, use that to your advantage (estate agents will often take a lower commission on a more expensive property)

Do estate agents charge up front?

Some do, some don’t. Most traditional estate agents charge out of the final sale — in fact, you normally don’t touch their payment at all. 

How do you pay an estate agent? If you go the traditional route, then your conveyancing solicitor (a fancy word for property lawyer) will handle it — they’ll pay the estate agent directly out of the sale of your home

With more modern or online models, some agents may charge upfront and others will only charge on completion. Or, at Strike, we never charge estate agent fees at all, we’ll only charge for optional extras — like hosted viewings and premium marketing. That being said, no matter who you sell it to, it’s important to read the fine print. A little research can go a long way.

How much do estate agents charge: The takeaway

How much do estate agents charge? An awful lot. Different estate agents have different models — some charge more than others, some ask for money upfront while some charge a percentage when your home actually sells. It’s important to do your research and make sure you’re making the right choice for you — and find an agent you feel like you can trust.

At Strike, we’ll sell your home for free — actually, really free. That’s because we’re trying to change an entire industry, one that’s been charged too much for too long. But we also know that selling is personal. You need to make the right choice or you — and we’re here if you need us.

Estate agent commission UK FAQs

Traditionally, yes. Although there are more modern options out there, the traditional estate agent charges a percentage — normally between .75% and 3% of the sale price, plus VAT. The average UK estate agent commission is around 1.5%.