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How to sell my house online

Selling your house online has a lot of people curious — but if you’ve always done it the traditional way, you may have some questions. Firstly: What does selling online even mean?

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How to sell your house online

If you find yourself saying, "I want to sell my house, but how do I sell my house quickly and for the best price?", it may be time to consider an online estate agent. Every online estate agent works differently, but selling your house online means using an agent that doesn’t have an in-person location. They use technology and expertise to market your listing. Plus, because they’re not paying for in-person offices, they can pass the savings on to you.  

But every online estate agent has its own approach. At Strike, we offer a full estate agent service that puts you in the driver’s seat, without any fees — but more on that later. 

Selling my house — what do I need to know?

First things first — selling your home is a big undertaking, so we've put together some materials to help. What documents do I need to sell my house? We've got you covered right here. Do I need planning permission to sell my house? There's a guide for that. What about taxes when selling? Here's what you need to know.

If you're not sure where to begin, it's worth checking out our selling guides to get your questions answered.

Now, let’s take a look at the different ways to sell your home and what selling your home online has to offer.

Offline ways to sell your house

When it comes to ways to sell your home, you’re probably most familiar with traditional high street agents — but there are actually a few different options out there. They all have their individual pros and cons.

Traditional agents

You’re probably familiar with traditional agents. To sell with them, you get a valuation and then sign a contract — locking you into an agreement with them for up to 13 weeks.


  • Physical office

  • Recognisable names


  • High fees — usually 0.75% to 3% 

  • Long contract tie-Ins

  • Not always tech-friendly

At auction

A lot of people like the idea of an auction for a quick sale — and, in some cases, it can be quick. But there are a couple of catches. 


  • Quick sale

  • Quick payment — normally within 30 days


  • Flat fee and auctioneer fees, up to 2.5% 

  • Won’t necessarily achieve the best price

You’ve seen the ads, we’ve seen the ads — there are companies that will buy your home for cash, in a hurry. 

If you’re in a real rush, then you may be considering selling your house to a company for cash. Our biggest piece of advice here is: check that they are a reputable company. Your property  is probably your most valuable asset – YES,  you want a fast sale, but we urge you not to rush the research process. Check reviews, get recommendations from friends and use comparison sites to ensure you’re entering into a safe and reliable deal, as time wasters and scammers are a very real risk here. 

Another BIG downside to selling to a cash buying company is that you will likely have to reduce your asking price drastically. The average house buying company will offer you between 75-80% of the market value of your property — it’s your choice, but for most of us that would be a big financial hit.

Selling your house without an estate agent

You may wonder how you can sell your house without an estate agent — which makes sense, because traditional estate agents can cost you a lot in fees. And it’s definitely an option if you want to do all the work yourself, there are just a few things to keep in mind. 

Estate agents are professionals, and taking on the selling of your house (especially if you haven’t done it before) can become your full time job. Beyond cost, the drawbacks include having to negotiate a price without a middleman, which can often lead to not achieving the best price possible. 

Want to avoid estate agent fees? We think you should enjoy our professional services without having to pay a commission. Yep, remember we only charge for extra add-ons, so our estate agency is free of charge – best of both worlds. Plus, you don’t get advice through the technical side of selling. Want to avoid the estate agent fees whilst still having a slick, professional experience? Remember, Strike doesn't charge commission. Yep, our estate agency fee is always £0, then you can supplement your experience with add-ons, like hosting viewings for example. We like to think we’re the best of both worlds. For a full look at whether or not you should sell without an agent, check out our page on it here.

Can you avoid high fees while still getting help selling your home? That’s what Strike is all about."

Selling your home online

A big proportion of house hunters are beginning their search online, meaning there’s never been a better time to sell your house with an online agent. But what are the main advantages to selling your house online, rather than with a traditional high street agency? 

  • Save money: Many online agents are able to charge less than traditional agents. Fewer overheards and more tech means a better deal for you.

  • Attract lots of buyers:You will want as many eyes on your property as possible, and having it online is the best way to do that

  • Have control over the process: Online agents often have slicker tech — at Strike, we have a hub that connects you directly to buyers and lets you manage viewings in a tap. 

  • You’re in charge of your sale: nline agencies often offer different scales of involvement. Strike offers a totally free basic plan, with the option to add extras like hosted viewings. You can scale up or down your plan at any time — it’s your money, so only pay for what you actually need.

How selling with Strike is different

Think that selling your home should be a little simpler? And a lot less expensive? You’re in the right place. Here’s how the Strike model puts you in charge of your home sale — and how we do it for free. 

Your home valuation

Our local property expert will visit your home to give a bespoke evaluation — with no fee and no obligation to sell with us. We’ll talk to you about your needs and sales expectations. We’re there to advise on price, talk you through the major property marketing sites, and go over next steps — whether you choose to sell with us or not. (Just want to get a sense of how much your home might be worth? Check out our online valuation tool and get an estimate in seconds.)

Get on the market

Time to go on Strike. Once you’re happy with the valuation, we can get your listing online within a few hours. We list on major property portals and 100s of other sites — along with any interested buyers we have in our records. Then, the magic happens. We start getting viewings booked in and potential buyers through your door. 

We think you’re the best person to sell your home, so we encourage sellers to host the viewings. After all, nobody knows your home like you do.

Not going to be around? Don’t feel like hosting? Don’t worry about it — we offer hosted viewings for an additional fee.

Selling your home

We're in your corner, every step of the way. We’ll negotiate offers on your behalf to make sure you get the best possible price and we manage the legal to and fro all the way until the end. Any questions, any concerns, any niggles — we’re at the end of the phone for you. And we’ll do it all for free. 

Sound good? We think so, too.

Frequently asked questions

Often, yes. There are a lot of factors that will decide how fast your home sells — your asking price being one of them. But online estate agents can often move more quickly than traditional ones, using better data and online resources to ensure your home is viewed by as many people as possible.