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5 key selling points to highlight in your property listing

With the vast majority of buyers now searching for their next home online, the way you market your property on the web is more important than ever. Here’s how to highlight all of the best areas of your home and show why it’s a great place to live.


How to stand out

First things first — there are a few basic points of every property listing. The first is the photography. The photographs show your online viewers all of the best aspects of your property with a wide lens and plenty of natural light. They should also give a sense of the full layout of the property — buyers might be confused if the photos they see don’t seem to match up to the floorplans. 

The next part of the listing is the description. This is your opportunity to elaborate on your home, all of its best features, and, most importantly, what makes it special.  

After providing the basics — like the asking price and the number of bedrooms — you should write a few paragraphs to describe your home's major selling points. We'll go through them in detail, but you'll want to focus on:

  • Parking

  • Outside space

  • Highlights of the local area

  • Extra space and storage

  • Opportunities to extend or convert

The aim is to grab the buyer’s attention and help your property stand out from the rest. Here are our top tips for creating an attention-grabbing listing.  


1. Point out the parking

Parking is high on the list of priorities for many buyers. If you have a private garage or ample on-street parking, make sure to mention them in your description. If you live in a permit holder zone, it’s also helpful to include details on which zone your property is in and the annual cost of the permit. Save potential buyers from having to do the legwork themselves. 

2. Focus on outside space

Whether it's a landscaped garden or a balcony, lots of buyers are looking for an outdoor area to call their own. Make sure to highlight any outdoor areas you have — a balcony, a terrace, or a garden.

Don’t have any outside space? That’s OK. Point out any nearby parks, woodland, or other green space. Some buyers are willing to compromise on having a private garden if there’s a great park around the corner, so be sure to mention those.

3. Draw attention to the local area

Different buyers focus on different things, so you want to think about the type of buyer who might want to live in your home. If your property has three bedrooms, it will appeal to families — so mentioning local schools or play areas is key. On the other hand, one-bedroom flats are likely to appeal to young professionals and couples, so highlight amenities like bars, gyms, and transport links.

4. Emphasise extra space

Buyers love space. Any extra storage is a big advantage. Don’t forget to provide details of storage areas, downstairs cloakrooms, and built-in cupboards – especially if you’re not including photos of these features.

If you have loft spaces or basements that could be converted into usable rooms, those are also a huge bonus. Buyers often love the idea of adding value to a property, so make sure to point out where that could happen.

5. Highlight opportunities to extend or convert

If there's space in your garden to add an extension or if your attic is big enough to convert into another bedroom, make sure to mention it. You'll attract larger families as well as buyers who love developing homes to their full potential. If you've already got planning permission for the work, that's even better. 

Your online listing is the first chance for buyers to get to know your property, so make sure you make it count. Strong photos and a great description of your home and your community is the best way to get potential buyers through the door.