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Do you need a solicitor to sell a house?

Everyone wants to save when it comes selling their home, but a solicitor can be a key part of the home selling process.

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Do you need a solicitor to sell your home?

When it comes to buying and selling homes, it’s totally natural to want to save money where you can. From taxes to fees to moving costs, there’s a lot that can come up. So you might find yourself wondering, Do you need a solicitor to sell a house? 

The short answer? We probably wouldn’t do it without one. 

Technically, you probably can do it. If you want to take care of all of the searches, deeds, contracts, dates … the list goes on. But it’s a lot of work, a lot of jargon, and we think it can really help to have a professional in your corner, especially with something as significant as a home sale. 

We know that the cost of conveyancing and hiring a solicitor to sell a house can be a little daunting, but they’re there an important part of the home selling process. (That being said, we think we can help save you money in that department — more on that later.)

What does a solicitor do?

So why is a solicitor important for selling a house? For a lot of reasons. They’ll handle your deed transfer, your contracts, and also liaise with your mortgage lender to finalize any settlement you’ll have with them. They’ll also work as a go-between with the buyer’s solicitor, which can be really important if there are negotiations around things like white goods, moving dates, or any last-minute attempts to change the offer.

Oh, and they’re the ones who normally handle the money and make sure it ends up in the right place. Then there are all of the documents you’ll need to sell. As we said, it’s a very long list. 

If you feel confident you can do all of this yourself, you may be able sell without a solicitor.  But it’s important to note that if you’re selling a leasehold property, the freeholder may insist you use a solicitor. And some mortgage lenders may do the same. 

How much does a solicitor cost when selling a house?

The costs of a solicitor are important to budget for, because they often don’t come cheap. Most estimates put the average cost at around £1,000 when selling — and buying can be slightly more.

Using a licensed conveyancer instead of a more expensive solicitor can be a good way to save money, while still having the peace of mind of having an expert on your team. (Our conveyancing service is a flat rate, so there are no surprises and no added stress.)

Plus, you could always sell your home for free and save on estate agent fees instead — just a thought.

So do you need a solicitor to sell your home? In some cases, it might be a requirement — like if you’re a leaseholder and your freeholder demands it. In some cases, you may be able to do it on your own, but we think that a good conveyancer is more than worth the investment. Ultimately though, it’s your choice — just be sure to do your research. 

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Selling without a solicitor FAQs

In some cases, you may have to — if you're a leaseholder and your freeholder insists or if it's required by your mortgage lender, for example. In some cases, you may be able to do it yourself, but it's a lot of work. We'd recommend having a professional on your side.