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Five easy ways to increase your property value in a weekend

If you’re looking for easy ways to upgrade your home, it’s easy to feel a little daunted — or not know where to start. The good news? There are some small jobs you can do that could give it a real boost — and you've probably got time for them this weekend.


Quick fixes that can make a big difference

Although there may be times when a major upgrade makes sense, you don’t always need to commit to structural changes or building work. Sure, if you’ve got a leaky roof or the first signs of damp, you probably want to deal with those before you look anywhere else. But many homes just need a nudge in the right direction — easy, superficial changes that can make a big difference to your property’s desirability and its value. 

Each home is different, so it may be that your home is crying out for something specific — paint to cover up the crayon stains in the living room or finding a rug to cover that huge coffee spill in the bedroom. But most homes could benefit from these little changes that you can fit in on your day off. 

Work on your kerb appeal

You want to maximize the “wow” factor — because you only get one chance to make a first impression. Take a day to clean your windows, mow the lawn and get rid of any weeds. Repainting your front door, adding new hardware (a letterbox, number, and knocker) and freshening up any fencing can really impress potential buyers.

Make small rooms look bigger

If you have a lot of small rooms, don't worry — sometimes, you need to make the most of what you have. Hanging large mirrors in the hall can give the illusion of a wider or longer room. It'll only take an hour or two of browsing secondhand sites or some furnishing stores and about ten minutes to hang them, so don't be afraid to get creative.

And don't forget the make the in-between places count. The entrance hall is the first room that potential viewers will see during a viewing, so making it feel light, bright and airy is a good way to start any viewings on a strong note. 

Work on your eco-friendly credentials

You need to get an energy performance certificate (EPC) when you're selling your home. If you’re not familiar with an EPC, it just shows buyers how efficiently your home uses energy — and how cheap your house is to run. A better EPC rating could mean a higher offer. There are some easy ways to boost your rating, such as draught-proofing your doors and switching to energy-saving light bulbs.

Re-target your spare room

Have extra space? Use it wisely. Work out who's most likely to buy your property: if you live in a family-friendly area with good schools, it might be someone with children or who plans to have them. If this is the case, make sure to show that the spare room is big enough to be a bedroom — even if it's a small one.

Alternatively, if you live in a hip neighbourhood in the city centre, it's likely to be young professionals — so think about what they might want. Dress your spare room accordingly as a potential nursery, office, or a welcoming guest bedroom to show the space at its best.

Fix what's broken

When you live in a property, it's easy to put off fixing things like replacing blown light bulbs — but this can easily put off buyers. Simple repairs will reassure buyers that you've been looking after the place (and also it's a lot easier to conduct a viewing if the lights are working).

DIY doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking — in fact, you can spruce up your home in just a few hours, if you know where to start. Don’t be afraid to jump in, because those small changes can add up to a big difference.