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Selling a house timeline

How long does it take to sell a house? Our selling a house timeline breaks down everything you need to consider.

Selling a house timeline

Timeline for selling a house

How long does it take to sell your home? That's the magic question. But the truth is, there's no exact answer. If someone promises you they can have your house sold in a certain number of weeks — or days — then, well, we'd be a little sceptical. What we can do is give you a sense of how long it takes to sell a house with our selling a house timeline. In fact, we can even give you tips on how to sell your home faster. But we're not going to make promises, because we think honesty is more important.

How long it takes to sell will depend on a lot of things — what shape your property is in, where it's located, what the market looks like, and (perhaps most importantly) how competitively it's priced. If you let us know how fast you're hoping to sell, we can price it accordingly. And we know that information is power, so we're giving you all of the information you need on the steps of selling and how long each step typically takes.

Now, a lot of "selling your house timelines" and "average time to sell a house" pieces only cover from when an offer is accepted to the closing date — but selling a house is a lot more complicated than that. So our selling a house timeline is going to start at the very beginning.

0-2 weeks

Choosing an estate agent

First things first — it's time to choose an estate agent. You may already have someone in mind and be ready to go, in which case this step will only take a couple of days. You may want to have a few different agents in to give valuations and give you a chance to find the right fit. Then there will be photographs and EPCs.

If you want some time to think it through and negotiate rates with a few different agents, then give yourself a week or two at this stage.

(Top tip: If you're still mulling over whether to sell, check out our guide to selling your house fast to find out everything you can do before listing to make your sale run more smoothly.)

1-14 weeks

Marketing and viewings

Once you've got your estate agent picked out and you've signed on the dotted line, you'll be able to get moving. Your property should be marketed pretty much instantly (we can have you online in a few hours, but sometimes you may need a couple of days) and then the viewings can start.

This section will really depend on the market and how competitively your home is priced. In a hot market, properties can go in a couple of days. We've even seen them go in a matter of hours. But in a slower market — or if you're priced too high — it can take longer. The Advisory found that this section could take up to 14 weeks, so keep that in mind if things are slow and you've priced ambitiously.

9 weeks on average

From accepting an offer to exchange

You've accepted an offer, hooray! But things aren't official until you've both signed on the dotted line. You might think that happens right away, but this is actually the trickiest time in a home sale — and things could still fall through.

During this period the solicitors will work together, the buyer's solicitor will run any necessary searches and enquiries, and the buyer may opt to have a survey done to make sure the home is sound. (Their lender may also want a valuation survey done to make sure the house is worth what they're lending.) Based on the findings of the surveys, the buyer may want to negotiate the price again — and it's good to keep in mind that they can pull out before contracts are exchanged.

The good news? Whether the market is hot or cold, data shows that this part of the process usually takes the same amount of time — about 9 weeks — so it's easy to plan for.

2 weeks on average

From exchange to completion

You've exchanged — the deposit has been released, the contracts are signed, and that means it's all official! From here on out, there will be a penalty if either party backs out, so this is when things are serious.

The time from exchange to completion can vary — but on average it's only a couple of weeks. This is the time you should be organizing movers and packing, if you haven't already started.

Sometimes, you may find that you exchange and then complete right away — or there may be a long gap in between the exchange and the completion date, if both parties decide they want more time. Luckily, this will all be negotiated as part of the contract, so you'll know exactly what your completion date is — and you can get those moving vans booked and start wondering why you have a drawer full of manuals for appliances you don't use and sweaters that have been gathering moth holes since the 1990s. Ah, the joys of moving!

On the completion day, the seller's solicitors release the funds to your solicitor and then the estate agent hands over the keys. Congrats — you made it!

12 weeks to 27 weeks

Total length

So what's the answer? How long does it take to sell a home? We told you, there's no hard and fast rule. As you can see, a quick sale might go from choosing an estate agent to completion in as little as 12 weeks — or it could take up to 27. In fact, in some extreme cases, it could be even faster or take even longer. But if you know the factors that you need to consider — the market, your agent, your pricing, how organized you are — you can start to plan ahead.

Have any questions? Don't worry. That's what we're here for.

home valuation

Book a valuation

If you're seriously considering going on the market and need an accurate figure, book a valuation with your local Strike Agent. In the current climate, we’re happy to offer a virtual valuation at your convenience.

There’s never any obligation to sell with us. If you do want to go ahead, we can have your home online in as little as a few hours. 

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